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A click is all it takes to record and save  your favorite music in your computer. Record all your favorite music as you stream online which can be played offline from your portable device. It is one of the legal ways to record music from top music streaming sites like Spotify, Pandora etc.

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Smart Recording& Ads Free

Experience the smart technology with an highly unique interface which does the smart task of recording with ease. You can easily have a copy of your favorite music recorded with just a click and save it in your device. It filters down all the unnecessary ads or interruptions and records only the music. So you can experience a real superior quality music.

Moreover, this smart recorder will filter out the Ads that come out when you playing streaming music.

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Automatic MP3 Tagging

This streaming recorder comes with an unique feature of automatic tagging all your favorite music. Just record the music of your choice and the rest will be automatically taken care of this wonderful tool. It pulls out all the information about the music including Title, Album, Year, Artist, Genre and even Cover. You also have the option to edit the ID3 tags manually with preloaded functions like editing the meta data, adding and deleting ID3 tags in mp3 files and replacing characters.

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Record with Complete Silence

Yes you can now record you favorite online streaming music by keeping your system on mute. This software records the sound directly from the system ensuring high crystal quality music. This will ensure that the quality of music stays the same throughout the process.

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Ringtone Maker

You can also create and set your favorite tones as ringtones. You can easily cut part of the music and can save it as an mp3 or m4a file and can use it as your ringtone. You should certainly try this feature out.

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Best Streaming Music Recorder

Want to find the best streaming music recorder? Yes, you are in the right place. Here is why:

1. Cutting Edge Technology

Silent Music Recorder: Other music recorders require a higher volume to record music with high quality which does not work for many all the time. Imagine you are in a silent place and would like to record your favorite music; this can’t be done using other tools. Our Streaming Music Recorder can record high quality music without any volume at all.

Say NO to Virtual Sound Card:  Most of the recorders require virtual sound card to start with the recording process. You will have to switch from your normal sound card to virtual before you start with recording process and vise versa when you are done with recording else you won’t hear any sound. It is really annoying and can drive you go crazy.

We have come up with a CAC (Core Audio Capture) technology that can record sound from core audio rather than from the sound card. This filters own all the external sounds and the output that you get out of it is excellent and crystal clear.

Realtime MP3 ID3 tags identify:This audio stream recorder can identify MP3 tags while it is recording, that means the whole process of music recording will speed up, you don't have to wait to identify tag information until all recording job is done, we did that at the same time.

2. Safe and Completely Legal

You may come across many online streaming software which mainly downloads music from online source rather than recording it. This is completely illegal and is not at all safe. We cracked this by introducing CAC technology which records music directly from core audio to filter down all the unwanted noises.

3. High User Friendly

1-click solution: We believe in keeping things simple and we have transferred the same onto our software too. It is highly user friendly and with just a click of a button you should be able to get your desired output with ease. Someone with no hands on computer can also get this work done with a click.



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Happy Clients

What our users say about the software:

“Does exactly what it says it does! The only downside is I've had it crash once or twice but overall amazing. Did the free-trial and then purchased after 2 days of using it because it is a great piece of software.”

John Doe

“After the 1 week free trial I couldn't get rid of it and I decided to buy it It's very easy to use and has a good sound quality.”

Rob Smith

“Works like a charm! Now I don't have to listen to the same children's music CD over and over again in my car. Thanks!”

Jane Doe

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